5 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Oasis Multiply

Oasis Multiply was launched one month ago with quite good success!
You can read in this post about the most important functionalities and integrations, and you can watch this tutorial to get started.

But there is more. Here is a quick overview of 5 things that you maybe didn't know you could do with Multiply on Oasis.app.

1. You can upgrade your existing Vault to a Multiply Vault

If you already have a Vault open, you probably use it to increase your exposure to your selected Collateral manually. Now, upgrading it from the Vault Management page in a few clicks, you will have a dedicated UI showing Buying Power, Net Value and more figures, useful to increase and decrease the exposure to your collateral in a faster and easier way!

2. You can now close your Vaults without needing to have any Dai in your wallet

Using the Multiply View, clicking on 'Close this Vault', you can select Dai or Collateral, and a flash loan will allow you to close your Vault without needing anything from your wallet.

3. You can close your Vault straight to Dai

If the market is dropping and you want to get out to avoid risks during periods of high volatility, you don’t have  to withdraw your collateral and access another exchange to swap it for Dai anymore. With Multiply you can close your position straight to Dai without any extra hassle.

4. You get detailed history and information on every interaction you make

Multiply on Oasis.app has been designed keeping much attention to provide you with all the figures and data needed to make an informed decision: transparent prices, impact, fees and much more. You will see a key numbers simulation in the moment when you trade, and also a comprehensive dashboard when you look back, showing all the information in the enhanced history.

5. Last, a small spoiler

We're really excited to share that we've been working on and soon releasing a Profit and Loss calculation. With this feature, you will really know how well your Multiply Vault is doing. No more manual calculations trying to work out what you made and what you didn't. And we're already working on ways it can be made even better for when you make trades elsewhere too.

Start using Oasis.app today and either borrow Dai against your favorite collateral or increase your exposure and take advantage of the markets with Multiply.

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October 14, 2021

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