A new look to Oasis.app

Today we're releasing the biggest update to Oasis.app since we launched a year ago. The new version of Oasis.app is the home for everything you want to accomplish with Dai. We've made it easier to buy, send and manage your Dai - the better, smarter digital currency for everyone.

At Oasis, we are huge believers in Dai, and the potential it has of being a better, smarter digital currency that works for everyone. Over the last 6 months, we've been working hard to make Dai more accessible, usable and simpler to understand, and today's launch brings us much closer to that.

Dai is the future of currency, and oasis.app is built to make using it easy. With this new version of oasis.app we've made it easier to access and manage Dai, send it and buy it. We've outgrown the original version and taken a look at which features are working for people and where we can evolve.

We want oasis.app to be at the centre of everything you need or want to accomplish with Dai.

Here's what's new

Don't worry; you don't need to do anything with this latest change and this won't affect any of the things you did on the previous Oasis.

Buy Dai with local currency

You can now buy Dai in over 100 countries around the world, including Europe, the US and parts of Latin America using your local currency via three fully-regulated third-party providers - Latamex, Wyre and Moonpay. All of these support low-cost transfers (fees from 1%) that enable most users to receive Dai in their account within 10 minutes. 

Mobile-first simplicity

Accessing and using Dai when it matters most is a must, and it just got easier. For this version, we've shaken things up to design Oasis to be used on your mobile, so you can enjoy a smooth experience on any device and take Dai and all it offers with you— wherever you go.

No downloads or extensions—start with just your email

The redesigned Oasis.app requires no downloads, extensions, or hardware wallets as we’re giving you the option to use a magic link. So there is now no need to remember account details, go looking for passwords or seed phrases. Instead, we'll simply ask for your email address, send you a link and you're logged in.

Saving with Oasis has evolved

Oasis Save, as a standalone product, has been removed. We felt it offered limited functionality, and with the unpredictability of a positive Dai Savings Rate, we’ve learnt that it wasn't a product that solved any problems. In its place, we've incorporated saving and lending Dai as just one of the features of the main, new oasis.app. You'll still be able to engage with Dai, including save Dai, in all the ways you did before.

Borrow and Trade remain

Although this new Oasis.app focuses more on Dai and using Dai every day, users can still generate Dai against collateral using Oasis Borrow, and place orders in the marketplace and exchange tokens via Oasis Trade. Oasis Borrow is currently the preferred interface for Maker Protocol Vault owners, and as the protocol evolves, the plan is to make sure that Oasis Borrow grows with it.

You're still in complete control

Oasis.app remains, as always, non-custodial, so you're in complete control of your assets. Whether you prefer to use a traditional Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask, or our new email login feature to access your account, you remain in total independent control of your funds—no third party can touch your funds.

Try the new oasis.app today and join a community of people all over the world who believe in the power of Dai as a smarter, better digital currency for everyone. We'll continue to build based on the feedback we get, so buy, send and manage your Dai and let us know what you think.

To learn more about the latest version of Oasis, read the FAQs or reach out for support on the Oasis chat channel or Twitter.

November 20, 2020

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