Change to Minimum Vault Values

On August 18th, as part of the weekly Maker Governance cycle, MKR Holders made a change to the minimum Dai Debt balance (otherwise known as Dust Limit), increasing it from 20 Dai to 100 Dai.

Affected Vaults

This change affects:

- All new Vaults being opened - the minimum amount of Dai you can now generate is 100 Dai.
- Vaults opened before August 18th with Dai Debt less than 100 Dai.

Vaults opened after August 18th

Opening a new Vault requires the minimum amount of 100 Dai.

Vaults opened before August 18th with Dai Debt less than 100 Dai

The Dust Limit increase has resulted in users facing limits on their ability to deposit or withdraw collateral. In order to regain full functionality of an affected Vault through the Oasis Borrow UI, the affected users will need to either:

1. Generate additional Dai to take them above the 100 Dai limit, or
2. Payback their full outstanding debt.

If you currently have less than 100 Dai (a new Dust Limit) drawn from your Vault, there will be a notice displayed at the top of your screen presenting the option to 'Deposit and Generate'. This option will allow you to deposit additional collateral and generate Dai in a single transaction. You must generate at least enough Dai to take you above the current Dust Limit of 100 Dai.

(above) An example Vault currently below the minimum Dai debt value, with the new message displayed.

If you experience any issues with the Osis Borrow UI or need help understanding how to access the collateral in your Vault, you can request help on the Oasis Channel on Maker Chat.

August 20, 2020

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