Cheaper stETH Borrowing and WBTC Fees Reduction

As per the outcome of this poll voted by the Maker Governance on May 11th, WSTETH-B will be added as collateral to the Maker protocol. Adding a new option to borrow for a cheaper rate, as long as the collateralization ratio is kept above 185%.

Also, Maker governance voted for a reduction of WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) Stability Fee, for both WBTC-A & WBTC-B.

What has changed?

WBTC Stability Fees Changes

WSTETH-B Onboarding

The Maker community expressed the willingness to expand Maker’s products with Lido’s stETH, by adding stETH-B. This is to offer a cheaper variable annual fee option for users that are keeping a higher collateralization ratio.

Initial Vault Parameters

Liquidation Parameters



You can read more details about the proposal and reasons here.

What does this mean for you?

With these changes, you can:

  • Borrow or Multiply on using wstETH-B. Currently, having a wstETH-B position with a collateralization ratio of 200% is three times cheaper than using wstETH-A. Start borrowing wstETH-B here
  • Borrow or Multiply using WBTC on at lower cost. Want to buy the dip? Open a wBTC-B here

Getting help

If you experience any issues with your Vault or have any questions regarding your Vault or in general, you can browse our Knowledge Base, contact us at or the Oasis Channel on Discord.

May 16, 2022

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