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As you might have seen in our earlier announcement, with we are building our mission of becoming the most trusted app for every crypto holder, to deploy their capital into DeFi. With our team across the globe, we are working every day to make this a reality. 

Today we want to tell you more about what our focus will be for the near future and how you can engage with us.

A quick look back at the past month

As per our first update when we announced Oazo and the transition from the Maker Foundation, June was all about completing that transfer, moving to new infrastructure and getting the team ready with everything they need to start working on the next major features of

June and early July have also seen the first few changes and additions to, including: 

  • Oasis added to Gnosis Safe Apps: From today, you can access and the Maker Protocol through your Gnosis Safe wallet by connecting to it through the Gnosis Safe Apps page  once you connect your wallet. This means that you can add extra security to your Vaults by using their multi-signature feature, either as a team or individual to really secure your assets. This integration opens the doors to new exciting use cases, for example it is easy now for DAOs to open a vault and borrow Dai.
Oasis Borrow in the Gnosis Safe app store
  • Oasis Borrow becomes the entry for One of the primary goals we had when we took over the development of was to drive adoption and usage of the Maker Protocol through Oasis Borrow. And to do this, we felt like we had to make Borrow much more accessible. Since we launched the Dai Wallet functionality back in November 2020, a number of users have complained about the difficulty in finding Borrow and where they can create Vaults. This is why we decided to make Borrow the landing page of We hope this change helps more users find and use Oasis Borrow and the Maker Protocol. If you are looking for the Dai Wallet, it is still accessible, and you can still buy Dai easily in over 100 countries from

A sneak peek of our next steps

At Oasis we are always working hard towards improving user experience through a more simple user interface and more intuitive features, primarily based on the feedback we have received during the past months and continuous user research. Users’ voices are extremely important for us and our main focus will be to build the best tools to allow everyone to interact and reach their goals with DeFi and the Maker Protocol. 

From all of the feedback and user interviews we have done this year, we see very common concerns around users wanting to be able to increase their exposure to almost all the assets Oasis supports, including ETH and wBTC, at the right time. At the same time, users want to be sure their capital is always protected - especially as they sleep. And what we hear is that this can be very difficult to achieve today, but there are a lot of good ideas out there to try and help solve this issue. 

The team is working hard on new features, we hope to release by the end of the summer, that will address this. We want to and allow current DeFi users to achieve some of their core goals and we hope to attract new ones to this space. 

Prototype design of the upcoming UI

While working on new features specific to Oasis, we are also continuing to keep a close eye and work with the various MakerDAO Core Units on enhancements that are coming down the pipeline through Maker Governance, including CropJoin and the new collateral types. All of which we intend to integrate as soon as we can to maintain our support for easy and open access to the Maker Protocol. 

Finally, soon, we will be removing the Oasis Trade interface from the suite of products. Oasis Trade has long been the interface to access the OasisDEX Protocol, and before, lived at and more recently, However, with the rise of AMMs and DEX Aggregators, such as 1inch, it now makes little sense to have a dedicated UI supporting just Oasis Trade. In fact there is such little volume and liquidity on the OasisDEX Protocol, we fear users who don’t fully know what they are doing may end up losing a lot of money if they don’t understand price impact and slippage. The UI will remain open-sourced, so it can be run locally if you wish, and the OasisDEX protocol will continue to run on-chain, you just won’t be able to create or manage orders through from August onwards.

Feedback is at the core of our choices and success

The purpose of our work is to provide the best user experience and become the most trusted dApp for those who want to deploy their crypto into DeFi. This is why we strongly value users’ feedback and ideas. Many ideas are brought to us by you, our users. Please keep providing your valuable feedback and idea requests, so that we can build the best app possible. You can catch us on our Discord and Twitter.

To learn more about Oazo Apps visit:



July 14, 2021

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