Get Up to $100k For Critical Bugs Bounty!

As of today, we have expanded our bug bounty program with newly deployed contracts. These contracts are the pillars of our new modular smart contract architecture, fully enabling the composability of DeFi. Get started hunting for bugs, any critical bug will be rewarded up to $100k. 

Modular architecture

These new contracts are the enabler of the mission of to be the most trusted place to deploy your capital in DeFi.

The contracts contain Actions, which can then be combined into Operations.

You can think of an action as ‘open a Maker vault’, ‘deposit into a Maker vault’, or ‘withdraw from AAVE position’. These actions are then stringed together by calls to the Operation Executor, to for example withdraw from an AAVE position, and use those funds to open & deposit into a Maker vault in one transaction. 

The newly added contracts contain the core of this architecture, along with the first couple of actions. The bug bounty program will be added to on a regular basis, with new actions. You can check back to see if you can break our fresh contracts. 

Links, Documentation, audit

The links to the latest contracts can be found in the immunfi bug bounty program for, here: 

The contracts have been audit by Chain Security:

The github repository for the contracts is here, with links to documentation inside:

October 18, 2022

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