Introducing The Redesigned Oasis Borrow

Today we are excited to announce the launch of a fresh new design for Oasis Borrow. As demand for a decentralized stablecoin continues to increase, driven by the growth of the DeFi sector and other global use cases, it’s vital to make access to Dai as user-friendly as possible.

Since the last major update to Oasis six months ago, we’ve continued to work towards making it even easier to generate Dai using crypto collateral. We have gathered users’ feedback and begun reworking the service, with the first steps being a new UI, improved gas efficiency, and a handful of more minor changes. Visit to open and manage your Vaults and check out the latest improvements.  

The new Oasis interface provides a smoother, simpler user experience for accessing Dai.

Engaging the Oasis Community

Key to the updates we’re making has been the hugely valuable feedback we’ve received from our users. There are a number of new features and improvements in direct response to points raised by the community. Updates that address concerns raised by users include:

  • Liquidation price and collateralization ratio preview. One of the most frequent questions in recent months has been: “How can I check what impact any new actions I take will have on my Vault?” Users can now see their new Vault liquidation price and collateralization ratio before they confirm Dai generations, paybacks, collateral deposits or withdrawals. 

Vault liquidation price and collateral ratio are shown before user actions are confirmed
  • Transactions merged for improved gas efficiency. Another major concern that has affected the whole DeFi space has been Ethereum’s high gas prices, which make every action taken on Vaults expensive for the user. With the new Oasis UI, users can generate Dai in the same transaction as every collateral deposit, and withdraw collateral in the same transaction that they pay back Dai. 
Merging deposit and withdrawal transactions with Dai generation and redemptions saves users’ gas fees.

What Can You Do With Oasis Borrow?

Using Oasis Borrow, anyone can open a Maker Vault, deposit any one of a wide variety of crypto collateral assets, and generate Dai, the first and most used decentralized stablecoin

Right now, 33 collateral types are supported by the Maker Protocol, with new ones being added monthly.

Join the many who have gone before you and collectively generated more than 4.5 billion DAI: use Oasis Borrow and create Dai liquidity for yourself, without selling your crypto assets. 

Note: The old Oasis Borrow interface will continue to be available for several weeks. Depending on the feedback we receive, the redesign will be continuously updated and the old interface will be retired for good only when the new one is fully ready.

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May 10, 2021

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