July Recap By Oasis.app

Hello Oasis Fellows

Let’s start with the biggest news: Oasis.app Referral Program is here and from this month, you can EARN ON YOUR FRIENDS’ fees (together with them!). Read more below, or start right now, copy your code and spread the voice!

This month we were on fire, also with product releases! 

New automation features were introduced in the past weeks, and from now you can set a target in advance, and the automation will automatically move your vault's collateralization ratio to your target. Another step towards a relaxed sleep for our vault owners!

Also, we made some improvements to Oasis Earn’s User Interface.

Last but not least, Oasis.app team had a blast at EthCC 5 in Paris, where two team members had a talk on the stage. DAIvinity party with MakerDAO, TrueFi and 1inch was great and allowed us to meet a lot of friends. See our event recap on Twitter

You can read more details about Oasis.app’s month below.

Monthly Numbers

This month has been a bit slower than June, but we still can observe good activity on Oasis.app, with more than 1.5k interactions and 1,5B of volume in July.

You can see GUNI Yields here, and if you want to start earning, try Oasis Earn now.

Technical & Development Updates

• This month we've released a more elaborated onboarding into Oasis Earn

Now when entering into the multiplied Uniswap V3 positions you will be able to see the earnings over time based on the past annualised yields as well as the estimated break even time of the entry costs. You can check it out for yourself on Oasis.app/earn

• We have also released our Auto-Buy and Auto-Sell features.

These allow you to manage your vault’s collateralization ratio automatically. With a few clicks, you can create an automation strategy that executes at the trigger set by you, moving your vault's collateralization ratio to your target. These strategies can be deployed in bearish market conditions to decrease your exposure by selling to DAI or in bull market conditions to increase your exposure to the appreciating collateral asset.

Oasis Referral is here!

Oasis Referral allows you to earn Dai from fees! By referring other users, you both will share 10% of the Oasis.app fees generated by the user between you and the referred user. You can refer as many users as you want, and you don't even have to have an active position in Oasis.app. Share your referral code and claim the rewards on Oasis.app/referrals. You can read more here.

New Team Members!

We are also very happy to welcome a new member to the Oasis Team!

Hannah - Finance

Hannah is an experienced Finance Manager, with a background working in start-up and high-growth businesses. Hannah's main focus is helping build, improve and operate the Finance function of a business.

"Oasis.app has made such a significant impact in the DeFi sector already and I'm excited to be part of their future journey."

News From The World

Before we say goodbye, as always we want to share some snapshots of what is happening around us.

  • Mirror, a web3 publishing platform, started a subscription model on the 26th July. The platform allows publishers to monetise their work through leveraging cryptocurrency. Users can now also subscribe using their crypto wallet as a user address rather than creating an account through email. Alex Attalah (Co-founder of NFT marketplace OpenSea) told the defiant that this model is a “way of identifying a user on the internet that’s public by nature and works across platforms”. It will aim to build a crypto networking system that works cross-platform. The blockchain-based subscription allows anyone, both viewers and content creators to interact with subscribers. So far the social network side of web3 has mostly been confined to web2 social media like discord and twitter, but this new release is opening one of the doors to a wider wallet-based community.
  • Luxury brand Gucci has expended their acceptance of crypto payments that now include over 10 cryptos in the US. The longstanding brand established themselves as early adopters of web3 technologies, in the fashion and retail industry, to enhance its real-world consumption with NFT marketplaces and web3 communities. Gucci is not alone though, other luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co and Off-white have also started accepting crypto payments in some of their major EU stores. These companies state that it is an important growth milestone to integrate their products with the emerging crypto world.

August 10, 2022

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