Oasis.app Introduces a Redesigned Entry Point To DeFi

As the DeFi ecosystem gets more and more traction, it's important to recognise that the protocols behind the products are not set up in the most user friendly way. They can contain unfamiliar terminology and be overly complex for what users want to do.

Since the start of the Oasis.app, our vision has been to build the very best and most trusted place to deploy capital into Defi. We want to offer our users a service that bridges the gap between the complexities of DeFi and the users' needs. 

This means:

  • Abstracting away the unnecessary complexities
  • Delivering a world-class experience users can trust  
  • Building a user-centric product using the Jobs to be Done approach

Today we’re introducing the first steps in an improved product direction for Oasis.app, with a new homepage and product categorisation.

So, what is new? 

There are several things we’ll be changing with Oasis over the coming months. To begin with, today we are introducing:

  • A new Homepage. When you land on Oasis.app, you will now find a smooth homepage, from which the navigation will be very simple. You can directly connect your wallet or browse among the featured assets cards (based on users’ demand), which show for every available collateral the main information you need to make a decision. 
  • Product cards for Borrow and Multiply. When you navigate to the Borrow or  Multiply page, you can see the featured assets cards (based on users’ demand), showing the main information you need to make a decision. For Borrow the minimum collateral ratio and annual stability fee; for Multiply the max exposure and the annual stability fee is always shown. You can also select your favorite collateral asset to see this info. 
  • Assets Cards. When you select an asset (e.g. ETH), you will now see the cards for the specific asset with the available options for both Borrow & Multiply.
ETH asset cards

The essence of Oasis.app design

Blockchain as an idea is very abstract and exists completely in the digital experience. Everything happening there is intangible. Oasis.app brand image has always been purposefully designed to have an abstract and experimental look and feel. For example, the geometric shapes and colors we chose are selected to illustrate this intangibility behind the blockchain. 

“Trust and safety are always top of mind for the team, so when designing solutions we always strive to keep that in mind.” Henry D.

Another thing to consider when designing in Web3 is the fact that users are often completely new, not only to the product but even to the crypto space in general. The possible lack of confidence in the interaction with new or unfamiliar products, leads us to always revolve our designs around the pursuit of trust and safety

“Most people are afraid of interacting with a new product because of unfamiliarity and distrust, especially in the blockchain space. Applying soft vivid colors can help us convey a user-friendly and delightful experience.” Hazel Y.  

How does the creative process work?

Combining values and creative insight into a visual product can be a challenge, yet there are always places to seek inspiration. As the main features of our designs are to remain abstract and non-invasive to the visual experience, our design team found inspiration through things similar to properties of crypto.

“I’m inspired by abstract artists like Merijn Hos. I also think another field that has similar properties to crypto (abstract and lives digitally) is AI and I draw inspiration from the high quality projects in that space - ie. OpenAI.” Henry D.

A particularly important aspect of the design process is the sharing and curation of ideas within the team. This creative process takes time and work with an amalgamation of ideas across the board. It is not only visual inspiration but research into other projects and products in DeFi and wider crypto space; from media works to AI inspiration and even Lego. 

“I did some research on the products in blockchain and DeFi, and also browsed a bunch of abstract digital arts. Actually, I was also inspired by Henry’s or other team members’ ideas. Ideation sometimes is like playing with LEGO.” Hazel Y.

What To Expect Next?

As stated, this is just the beginning. There is more in the pipeline. Here some things you can expect from us in the coming months:

  • The best Earn products in DeFi
  • Portfolio management and insights

Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.

As usual, we really care about your feedback and ideas. Feel free to write us on Discord!

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January 28, 2022

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