Oasis.app Introduces Its New Logo

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new logo for Oasis.app.

The Oasis.app brand personality is Friendly, Authentic & Thoughtful, and today we want to introduce to you our new logo, which expresses all of it. 

The features that cannot be missed

As we mature as a company and team, conveying a recognizable and solid brand identity has become a priority. After months of studying and thinking, we got the conclusion that the new logo had to:

  1. Include .app for greater brand recognition
  1. Work well both virtually and physically
  1. Lean into Oasis as a brand (palm tree, sunset)
  1. Be extremely readable and legible

The process

Rob Clarke, a talented logo designer, worked with our design team to develop the new logo. His specialty in typographic logos brought valuable input to the our work. He developed a lot of great ideas and we finally picked up one.

  • The logomark came from the palm tree leaf. It has a unique shape and a memorable impression.
  • The logotype is clean, legible, and balanced. Also, the small playful point integrates the “Sunset” into the logotype.
  • The last step was color. The logo’s colors inherit from our current brand style. This way, it could work on the existing designs, such as the website.

Thanks to Rob and the Oasis.app design team, the new logo is here.

We hope you are also excited as we are about it! 

Feel free to let us know your feedback on Discord or Twitter.

June 16, 2022

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