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Hello Oasis Fellows

This month has been very busy for the team: we had our second offsite in Taormina, Sicily. We had the chance to stay 4 days together IRL with advisors, investors and 90% of the team and we used this time to think about the future of; which we expect to be bright! We defined our core values, strategy and product roadmap. 

Having our brains physically working together all day long was just amazing!

In September, we celebrated The Ethereum Merge. This is a very big step for Ethereum, and for every dApp built on top of it. We decided to celebrate with our frens of Defy Education, sponsoring a party in Buenos Aires.

The very same day of The Merge, we also celebrated Oasis Multiply's first birthday! Multiply was our very first own product and we are very proud of it. After 1 year, we see $2.4B of traded volume on and a number of additional automations and features added to make the experience better and better. And of course, it is not over, the best is yet to come!

Key Numbers

Activity in September was less intense than the previous month, but we still see more than 2k transactions and more than 7k users connected to the app during this month.

Technical Developments and Updates

• Our app is now fully translated into simplified Chinese. Share your love for with your Chinese speaking friends through

• Have a question about where to find our audits? Curious about our bug bounty program with Immunfi? We’ve made a dedicated page where you can learn more about what we do for security at Check it out for yourself here:

• We are preparing a few big new features which you will hear more about in the coming weeks. Join our Discord, or follow us on Twitter to get notified of the features as they’re launched!

New Team Members

We are also very happy to welcome new members to the Oasis Team!

Marcin - Software Engineer

Marcin has worked as a front-end developer for over six years now and has experience building apps for Polish banks and also the automotive industry. 

“Although I’m quite new to the crypto space I’m excited to bring my skills and a fresh perspective to the team as we work to build more unique products in DeFi”

Javier - Community Manager

Javier has been in the DeFi scene since early 2020, he’s always delighted to help newcomers, and create the necessary engagement in new and old communities. He’s deeply interested in protocols with real use-cases that will reshape the current financial system.

“I’m really honoured to be part of Oasis, the team is extremely talented and the features we’re building are definitely changing the way users onboard DeFi”

We are hiring! If you love DeFi and, and have some experience as a Software Engineer and being a Full-stack or Smart Contract Developer, please apply today. We are waiting for you!

News From The World

Before we say goodbye, as always we want to share some snapshots of what is happening around us.

• The Ethereum upgrade we had all been anticipating for a long time went live on September 15th. The Merge completed the transition to a proof-of-stake consensus which reduced the overall energy consumption needed to power the Ethereum blockchain by ~99.95%. The upgrades are not over though, the Merge really just set the scene for the future of Ethereum. Plans for the next major upgrade in the roadmap will be the so-called “surge” to focus on further improving scalability, speed, and capacity of the network, through sharding and layer 2 roll-ups.

• A trifold partnership has taken Paris Fashion Week into the Metaverse. Designer Weinsanto has collaborated with digital fashion platform BNV to create a virtual 8 piece fashion collection for K-pop’s Lightsum. Dubbed the M3talove collection, it was displayed using 3D holograms where each piece represented a different one of the band members. BNV plans to sell them as Ethereum NFTs (with various digital assets attached to each one) however founder and CEO Richard Hobbs wishes to first host a pioneer event where physical fashion meets the digital world. In the coming months, BNV plans to rollout a beta version of its own Metaverse, BNV World, to showcase intricate digital fashion pieces for citizens of the Metaverse. Hobbs is confident that the world’s love for high fashion will continue to flourish when supported by the digital world.

October 6, 2022

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