WBTC-B Onboarded as New Collateral By the Maker Protocol

As per the outcome of this poll voted by the Maker Governance on November 8th, the proposal of WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) to be onboarded as the vault type WBTC-B will be available for execution today, November 22d.
This will allow for higher leverage with a lower Liquidity Ratio and a higher Stability Fee.

Using Oasis.app Multiply you could already get up to 3.2x with WBTC-A. This new WBTC-B ilk will allow you to get multiples up to 4.3x. If you want to open a WBTC-B multiply vault yourself, you can do so now, here

Read below to see which will be the parameters for WBTC-B voted by the Maker Governance:

Initial Collateral Parameters

Liquidation Parameters


November 22, 2021

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