Why Some Addresses Were Blocked For Few Hours On Oasis.app On August 11th

Oasis.app is committed to providing the most trusted access point to access Maker Protocol and, in the long run, the whole of DeFi. 

Our hosted front-end needs to comply with the latest rules and regulations. We have teamed up with a compliance vendor to ensure the Oasis front-end is not used with funds associated with wallets potentially dealing in ransomware, malware, child sex abuse material, known criminals, and sanctions lists published by the global community.

What happened 

On August 8th, U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned public key addresses associated with Tornado Cash. As a result, all historical Tornado Cash users were flagged as non -compliant by the compliance vendor integrated with Oasis.app.The blocked accounts included any address associated with the listed Tornado Cash public key addresses with any amount of tokens and at any point in time, and so it affected many account holders that engaged with Tornado Cash years before imposing the sanctions, or did it with very small amounts.  

Following risk and compliance assessment, we decided to adjust compliance check settings and re-calibrate the blocking functionality. 

Reminder: Oasis.app cannot control its users' funds. Maker Protocol is completely decentralized and all customers that use it, will always maintain custody of their funds. Vault positions can always be managed in other ways.

What’s next?

In order to remain compliant with legal requirements and continue operating, we are working with our compliance vendor to improve their service. At the same time, we are required to keep certain restrictions in place. It is our current understanding that:

  • Usage of Tornado Cash before the sanctions by itself will not be grounds to block access to Oasis.app 
  • If the user is not a sanctioned user, or engaging in a prohibited transaction they will not be blocked when using Oasis.app

We are working with outside counsel on the appropriate next steps and will apply the necessary steps as required by the law.

If you believe your account is still incorrectly blocked, please reach out to support@oasis.app.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we face this situation in the best possible manner.

August 15, 2022

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