You Can Now Switch Your Tokens Directly on

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Uniswap and the integration of the Swap Widget, allowing you to swap tokens directly in

What is the Swap Widget?

Oasis Swap allows developers to easily embed Uniswap swapping functionality, allowing their users to seamlessly swap tokens, join a community or DAO, wrap assets, and more, without leaving their apps. 

The Widget was launched today by Uniswap Labs and is one of the first apps integrating this React component.

Thanks to the integration of it, users can swap directly in app.

What does it mean for users?

As you know, at we always aim at providing the best and smoothest User Experience. We decided to introduce Oasis Swap to allow you to swap for tokens directly in the app, and then open your Borrow or Multiply position with the swapped token.

For example, after you have generated some DAI in your borrow position, you can buy some staked ETH to get exposure to Ethereum staking yield.

Which tokens can you swap?

We limited the amount of available tokens because, as per our mission, we always want to be focused on the most trusted side of DeFi. Also, the tokens available to swap are based on our currently offered products on (Borrow and Multiply). You can see the list by opening the swap widget within the app.

The widget uses a convenience fee of 0.2%

To learn more about visit:



April 14, 2022

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