February Recap by Oasis.app

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We are delighted to welcome you to the first edition of our newsletter! What to expect? Each month you will receive an update from our team, including the key monthly activity data of Oasis.app. Also you'll read about new developments or product strategies that are on the way and some news from the world.

To kick off the start of February this year some of our wonderful Oasis team gathered in Denver, Colorado to attend ETHDenver. This is the largest web3 assembly for Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts. It is a place for top blockchain experts to give talks and workshops and a space for art, for creativity, for live music, networking and more.

The Ethereum community is very dynamic and synergic and IRL events are needed to show how fascinating and fast-moving the industry is.

This year Oasis.app sponsored the event, the team was involved in two talks and collaborated with the DAIvinity party by MakerDAO, providing some super cool swag.

Frank, PMO, talking in the panel “The Road to Mass Adoption”. The discussion was focused on how is possible to scale and then improve liquidity in our complex dapps ecosystem.

DAIvinity party - The Maker party was super well attended and Oasis.app provided lightning bracelets and beanies

Maria, Marketing, giving a talk about working in a Decentralized way on the Temple stage

Key Numbers

Below we share our key metrics for Oasis.app. Although the market has cooled down a little bit from the big downturns in January, we are still seeing more than 1.6B volume transacted, and 10k+ active users.

Technical & Development Updates

We’ve released a major design update to our homepage. You might have read about this in our blog post. We are extremely proud of our new design. We believe we hereby continue to ship great UX to deploy your capital into DeFi. There are now multiple routes to interact with the Maker Protocol from Oasis.app and open the vault that you want:

  • If you know you want to get extra exposure on your assets, you can use https://oasis.app/multiply to find the asset, and the product that fits your needs.
  • Maybe you want to use a specific asset, like ETH, then you can visit https://oasis.app/asset/eth to browse all ETH products we currently support.
  • Or you want to earn a yield on your DAI, you can do it now with GUNI product. This allows you to increase your exposure by 50x on your Uniswap v3 DAI/USDC trading pair. The response has been amazing, and thereby the yield has also dropped significantly. If you would like to enter this position you can find it on https://oasis.app/asset/lp-token in the multiply tab.

We have some big things coming up in the next few months and we will share more about them in our next newsletter.

New Integrations & Partnerships

We've integrated the Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS).
On Oasis.app you can now subscribe to push notifications for when your vault gets below 175% collateralization ratio through our partnership with EPNS! Visit https://app.epns.io/, connect your wallet, and sign up for the notifications from Oasis.app. This is completely free.

New Team Members!

We are also very happy to welcome a new member to the Oasis Team!

Guillermo - Customer Care

Guillermo joined the Customer Care team at the end of January. After 2 years of being a cryptocurrency user and learner of the crypto world, this is his first formal job in the space. His career has a strong electronics background, being very used to tinkering around with hardware and low level programming. Lately he has been digging deeper into Smart Contract security.
“I'm proud to be a part of Oasis.app, working together with an amazing team of intelligent, supportive and very interesting people from all around the globe. And I love to be able to collaborate with the growth of the crypto space”.

News From The World

Before we say goodbye, we want to share some snapshots of what is happening around us.

  • Following the deeply tragic news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine beginning on February 21st, global efforts to fundraise aid and support has been massive. Over the last week we have been able to see the power of using cryptocurrency. According to Blockchain analytics platform Elliptic, donations to Ukraine have now exceeded $50.9m as of the 1st of March. The country is accepting a growing number of tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. This highlights how crypto is a true global network that has no borders where anyone around the world is able to donate funds to countries in need. See the tweet below if you want to contribute: https://twitter.com/Ukraine/status/1497594592438497282
  • Despite the cryptocurrency market losing significant value since its peak in November 2021, metaverse land (yes, virtual real estate) has been a silent but steady winner. Recently the South Korean government announced it will provide $186.7 million to stimulate the growth of a metaverse platform that it hopes businesses and industries will thrive in.
  • Global investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase took the lead as the first bank to step into the metaverse. In mid-February the bank opened its first virtual lounge inside a district in Decentrand where it can facilitate: foreign exchange, financial asset creation, trading and safekeeping. Essentially it operates much like a normal bank, as the blockchain worlds in the metaverse have their own populations, currencies and GDP. The company’s lounge is coined the “onyx lounge” as Onyx is a blockchain-based branch by J.P. Morgan that was formed in 2020.
  • The New York Stock Exchange has recently filed for a trademark to open an NFT marketplace. NYSE minted its first set of NFT’s in April last year and a statement shows the trademark application was made on the 10th February last month. This is one step closer towards NYSE setting up an online trading centre for NFT’s and crypto. It will be a big bridge for the TradFi economy to enter the DeFi world from another angle and could be the start of a whole new wave of exposure and potential https://www.nyse.com/nft.

March 8, 2022

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